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Hiero's tomb (Read description!) by Coreyinthehouse Hiero's tomb (Read description!) :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 4 4 Crap Pear by Coreyinthehouse Crap Pear :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 1 2 Lifting the babbu by Coreyinthehouse Lifting the babbu :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 3 3
Absence makes the heart grow fonder Chapter 2
Day 8: (Longer timeskip this time)
It was a Saturday night, Marco had avoided calling Jackie for several days now, he was scared, he didn't know if she was mad at him for his behavior. he wishes he could explain, but he couldn't find the words. his head was laid on the table, and his Father approaches him, with concern. " something wrong?" Marco sighed.
"Dad...I...I think Jackie may think I'm losing my mind?... I...I might have really screwed things up..." his Father placed on his arm around him, and pulled him close. "Son...I'm very sorry to hear that, I know you've cared about her for a...for a long time. but have nothing to worry about." Marco raises up his head. "Dad I love you, but right now you're not making sense. how can you say I have nothing to worry about?!" Rafael sighs. "Because real love doesn't die...let me tell you, about when I was your age." Marco groans.
"Oh no..." as Rafael continues. "I had just escaped a relationship I had no desire to be in,
:iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 7 10
Absence makes the heart grow fonder Chapter 1
Hello everyone! yes I finally finished this, I've been working on it for a long time now, ever since I started shipping this I really wanted to get some sort of Starco one shot up, largely because dealing with the hiatus and not knowing exactly how this ship is going to happen is killing me. XD (I honestly haven't felt this anxious about a ship since Boyz Crazy...which is honestly what got me into the Gravity Falls fandom, but hey, that's besides the point. XD) This fanfic takes place following the events of BonBon the Birthday Clown, and is kind of one of many possibilities for how I think Starco could happen. the main thing I think has to happen is for Marco to realize he cares about Star more. and so that's what happens here. this won't resolve all the plot lines of the latest episode. (Ludo taking the spellbook, exc.) as there's no reason for it too, this isn't a humongous fanfic series/AU thing like 'The Great Nightmare' was for Gravity Falls. (Though I do plan to write a Star VS
:iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 5 2
Terror at the Dusty Dab
This is a parody of the Spongebob episode 'The Graveyard Shift'
So our two main characters guessed it: Madison :iconMermandoandmabelFAN: and Corey. :iconRobertDaller: (though :iconiluvumabel: also plays a major role. XD)
a boyfriend and girlfriend who work a restraunt called: The Dusty Dab.
While I will attempt to make most of us in the fic like we are irl to some extent, with kind of a mixture of the character in them.
personality wise that is, since my girlfriend is SpongeBob I gotta make her more gullible than I would think she is. XD there will be one character who isn't anything like they are irl. My brother. (I'm sorry bro. LOL  I had to take some liberties somewhere. XD) the ending is purposefully ridiculous, as I tried to think up something as random as: "Nosferatu."
This is pretty much entirely written for Gorgeous bae. XD
It was South Georgialina...or whatever's most beloved daytime eatery, the Dusty Dab. where it will be closing time in a few short moments. Cor
:iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 4 16
Us as the Undertale trio by Coreyinthehouse Us as the Undertale trio :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 4 10 RWBY shipping meme by Coreyinthehouse RWBY shipping meme :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 7 13 Undertale meme by Coreyinthehouse Undertale meme :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 3 28 When I'm dancing~ by Coreyinthehouse When I'm dancing~ :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 2 13
My Mer-Maddi
So since my girlfriend drew a drawing (well technically 2.) regarding her affections towards me, I kinda wanted to draw something too. but then I was like: "Well I still can't really use my tablet..." (plus I'm out of practice) then randomly she suggested in hopes to get me back into writing. "Write what you're feeling!" whether she was subtly
suggesting I do something along these lines or it just came to my mind, I don't know. but I had the idea to write a sort of...romantic thing with us. a very bare idea I know but then I gradually started to come up with more. (Ironically the tone of this fic ends up the opposite of how I feel until the very end.)
In case no one's noticed I am a really overly lovey person to my gorgeous llama. in fact....I was like this when we were just friends too. point being: If this fic ends up being the (as my brother would call it) CHEESIEST thing you've ever seen. yeah, I'm not surprised. goes this random nonsense. it'll be kind of random and si
:iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 2 4
Animal Crossing (But this is a Steven fic tho)
(I can still call you that right? XD)
But it's finally up.
Keep in mind I've never written anything Steven so.
this might be terrible. and while I took forever, it probably won't be that long either.
I had thought about splitting this into chapters since what I had written seemed incredibly short.
but I couldn't figure out how to stretch the story out. instead, I'm thinking I might do a sequel of some sort to this story eventually.
Buuut I don't wanna stress myself out too much by promising it. I think I'm better just doing spur of the moment birthday things if I happen to come up with them. promising I'd do it seems to be what gave me this writer's/artist block. I was stressing myself out about getting it done as quickly as possible. and so I haven't really gotten anything else done since. XD
This is a Stevonnie fic, but I figured it might be funny if this was through
Peridot's POV. (Also Peridot's my fav character and a cinnamon roll. aaand
:iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 2 15
Steven Universe shipping meme by Coreyinthehouse Steven Universe shipping meme :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 4 8 My scars by Coreyinthehouse My scars :iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 2 23
A long overdue reunion Chapter 1
Something I've had in the works for a while now.
SUUUUURPRISE!!!! also, keep in mind that the spanish in this was translated via google translate.
So don't sue me if it's not perfect. XD
Also, for those wondering...
because I know all you irritating fans prefer him over Mermando.
*GRUMBLE GRUMBLE* Bill will return in this fic, but he won't be the main villain in this fic,
or any other story related to this I write in future.
and it won't be in the way you're expecting he returns...
Dipper and Mabel most likely will not be appearing in this chapter, but you can definitely expect them in upcoming chapters.
This chapter is sort of like a prequel chapter? the actual story will pretty much begin next chapter.
I had originally planned on this chapter of this story, being it's own story. but that became increasingly unnecessary,
as I realized it would only be a one shot anyway. LoL
let's begin.
It has been 3 years, since the start
:iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 1 9
Never trust a stranger Chapter 4
I was hoping to make this a little longer.
But this is the second one today so. I have an excuse. XD
*Later that night*
(Considered doing Robert's POV, (who I need to do a POV for eventually.) but there'll be some important Rodger-y stuff soon, and I don't wanna constantly cause I think it'll seem jarring.
Rodger's POV
I woke up in the middle of the night, because I heard something crashing.
"What's that?!" I woke Robert up, making him fall off the top bunk. "GAH!-
Rodger!...What's wrong with you?..." I pulled him up. "I heard a crash! You think someone's broke into the house?" Robert sighs. " think Dorn's 'friends' aren't so 'friendly' after all?" at that moment we both ran out as fast as we could. busting in. "Whoa..." standing in front of them is Dorn eating cookies. "It's not what it looks like."
I groan. "Dorn!!! What are you doing here this late at night? We thought John or Becky were criminals or something!" Dorn smiles. "Nah man, I just needed some cookies..."
Robert pi
:iconcoreyinthehouse:Coreyinthehouse 0 5


MLP:NG Maddi-verse lineup by Cream-Puff-Crossing MLP:NG Maddi-verse lineup :iconcream-puff-crossing:Cream-Puff-Crossing 2 0 Squad Goals by artificiallybitter Squad Goals :iconartificiallybitter:artificiallybitter 93 4 Wendy's favorite Miss Mctrouble by Learoodle Wendy's favorite Miss Mctrouble :iconlearoodle:Learoodle 150 22 HEEEYYYEEEYYYEYYYEYA by Linsneakers HEEEYYYEEEYYYEYYYEYA :iconlinsneakers:Linsneakers 63 9 Rick And Morty by jomeiokumura Rick And Morty :iconjomeiokumura:jomeiokumura 53 5 to much morty by dagmars-stuff to much morty :icondagmars-stuff:dagmars-stuff 21 0 Sal 3 by ClaraRoseCharles Sal 3 :iconclararosecharles:ClaraRoseCharles 25 12 Good Morning! by ClaraRoseCharles Good Morning! :iconclararosecharles:ClaraRoseCharles 15 10 SonAlly  by ClaraRoseCharles SonAlly :iconclararosecharles:ClaraRoseCharles 15 11 OMG MY NEW OC 4 LIEF: CANADA DA PONI by Elementarnus OMG MY NEW OC 4 LIEF: CANADA DA PONI :iconelementarnus:Elementarnus 53 56 Le Pen is Mightier than the Sword by superguy2036 Le Pen is Mightier than the Sword :iconsuperguy2036:superguy2036 117 60 Human Mane six by Cream-Puff-Crossing Human Mane six :iconcream-puff-crossing:Cream-Puff-Crossing 7 5 Fluttercord Hug by GamblingFoxinaHat Fluttercord Hug :icongamblingfoxinahat:GamblingFoxinaHat 321 12 I'm gonna be your Bubblegum B- by Cream-Puff-Crossing I'm gonna be your Bubblegum B- :iconcream-puff-crossing:Cream-Puff-Crossing 3 0 Boyfriend's Persona ~ ((specifically for AMV/RP)) by MeredithTheElf Boyfriend's Persona ~ ((specifically for AMV/RP)) :iconmerediththeelf:MeredithTheElf 3 5 Broken chains ~ Accalia by MeredithTheElf Broken chains ~ Accalia :iconmerediththeelf:MeredithTheElf 3 2





When you spend all day looking for your mouse, finally find it, only to's stopped working. =___= Is it because I dropped it in water? Is it because it fell from so high back behind my cabinet? IDK. I'm just glad my Dad is gonna let me borrow his til my brother can get a new one.
When you keep thinking you're going somewhere for hours, and then randomly your Mom decides: "Let's not go today." and you're just like:
:wat: :wat: :wat: 
So a while before Season 3 of Rick & Morty started, it was said Alex Hirsch, and the voice actors of Dipper, Mabel, and Ford, would guest star in an upcoming Rick & Morty episode...Though for a while now, no one's really talked about it, there's been no official confirmation this means a crossover is coming. (Though I mean, what else is it supposed to mean?) But various things, such as the Coffee mug from Grunkle Stan's portal falling through a portal in Rick & Morty. seems to suggest they take place in the same universe, or...well...multiverse. This makes sense, as the Rick & Morty mythos is all about parallel realities and whatnot, while the overall plot of Gravity Falls involves an invasion. (Or "Weirdmageddon") from another universe. So it's easy to assume the two could cross over.

However, some fan theories suggest things go a bit deeper than just a shared multiverse, as the Journal 3 sold in stores has a page in which implies Ford spent a lot of time traveling with someone after falling through the portal. (Though admittedly I haven't read this page myself, as I have yet to read through my entire copy of it.) it also features a sign which has: "Rick wuz here." written on it. and heavily implies that Ford and this person he traveled with ended up separating over a moral disagreement. the more I dig into this, the more obvious it seems this is Rick, which...makes perfect sense.

Ford was in possession of an infinity sided dice, that could make well...anything happened. according to him, it was illegal in "9,000 dimensions." Where did he get this? and more importantly....note the words: "Dimensions" This implies that during his time, he traveled to more than just the dimension he landed in. But the thing is, he can't have, Ford, while hyper intelligent, did not have the knowledge needed to build an inter-dimensional portal alone. It took the help of McGucket, and the instructions of Bill, for his portal to become a reality. and even then, it was huge, and also faulty. as seen when it blows in Not what he seems, the inter-dimensional portal did not operate properly, and left a rift in time and space. Case in point: Ford traveled through other dimensions, (Journal 3 also implies this) but cannot have done so alone.

Rick however, is in possession of, and presumably invented, an inter-dimensional portal gun. So say Ford just happened to wind up in Rick's house when he fell through, or that while traveling Rick happened to stumble upon him. (the former is more likely, and I'll get to why later) Rick & Ford are both geniuses, they bonded. Rick offered him the entire multiverse to see, and so they traveled together for a while. Once Rick & Ford split up, Rick likely deserted him somewhere, probably somewhere...far from safe. then Stan finds him, thus why Ford looks like he's prepared for a war or something. maybe Rick left him in the middle of one, maybe even intentionally, out of spite?

And if all of this is true, it makes the timeframe VERY convenient...TOO convenient.
Ford fell through the inter-dimensional portal 30 years ago. Rick...happens to have left his family 30 years ago as well.
Okay so a little bit of backstory (mostly for my GF who I knew hasn't watched Rick & Morty much.)
Rick and his wife divorced 30 years ago, causing him to leave her and his daughter's lives, and go off 
traveling the multiverse with his portal. he comes back into her life at the very start of the series. so with this very convenient time frame, I'd say it'd be easy to say when Rick first left, he went traveling with Ford.

Rick & Ford traveling together would also explain a certain line told by Ford: "I don't know if you could handle the truth." he says to Dipper, in regards to him asking where he was....the thing about Rick & Morty, is in it's reality there is an infinite number of parallel realities, with each time a person has multiple choices to make. a new reality is created for each of those choices.
This reality in numerous episodes, to make people feel as though...there's no meaning to existence. it's the reason Rick is the way he is, because no matter what happens, he has a portal gun.

In one episode of the show Rick is seen accidentally turning the entire world into Monsters, his solution? "Hey, let's go to another world that's exactly the same except I didn't turn the world into Monsters, and we died. and then take their place." because fundamentally, the universe he's in now is exactly the same. to him the previous universe doesn't matter. Rick sees the universe as completely devoid and meaningless, and it's a part of the reason he's the way he is. in numerous episodes, it is shown Rick gives little to no care for the lives of other beings. such as when he drunkenly almost destroys the entire Planet Earth.

Rick is implied to have accidentally destroyed his world numerous times, and with each destruction, he moves on to the next. Ford may have been afraid of telling Dipper....out of fear he'd become like Rick. and when you think about it, Ford could easily have become like Rick as well couldn't he? Whatever falling out Rick & Ford had, was most likely due to Rick's nature. Rick chooses science over his loved ones, showing little to no care for their well being if it benefits his research in anyway.

Ford however, is not without his faults as well, in fact when he first returns to his family he views Stan with disdain for the past. Ford's overall story arc being him to forgive Stan, and realize the importance of family. something nearly every episode shows Rick struggling with. It's as if the finale of Gravity Falls, is what differentiates Ford and Rick from one another. showing Ford the importance of family, and making him the hero that Rick's entire family think he is.

Similarly to how Ford & Stan are much like Dipper & Mabel, showing them going down a dark path. Rick represents that dark path that Weirdmageddon stopped Ford from going down. similarly, what if we were to say Bill, is something similar for Stan?
Both Stan & Ford's character arcs are about them realizing and understanding the importance of family, both Bill & Rick are people who didn't realize that. Bill shares many quirks similar to Stan, while Rick shares many similar to Ford. Bill has 1 eye, Stan wears an eyepatch, they're both snazzy dressers, they both have a similar manner of speech, they both call Ford Sixer, so on, so on. Theorists used to use this as evidence Bill & Stan are somehow the same person, by means of time travel or...some crazy sh1t. which now especially, is ridiculous.

But what if instead it's metaphorical? Bill & Rick representing a darker side of Stan & Ford, a mirror image of them. it could even mean Bill & Rick have some sort of past too, it's easily possible. both are aware of interdimensional travel, both have lots of creatures from various dimensions as friends. and both seem to have destroyed their home dimensions. Things they say seem to herald a similar philosophy as well. both Bill & Rick see love simply as a chemical reaction that makes animals want to breed.
Bill & Rick also both choose other things over family, Bill chooses power and chaos over his family, while Rick chooses science and experiments over his. (Not to say Rick doesn't care about his family at all, as several character arcs show he does quite a lot.)

To summarize my theory: I believe Bill & Rick are a dark mirror image of Stan & Ford in a way. and that one of the only things that separate them from each other is Stan & Ford's care for their families. (Though obvs they're their own characters just as much as Stan and Ford are their own characters from Dipper & Mabel.)
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Corey Johnson
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I'm a dude. and I'm dating a llama named :iconcream-puff-crossing: of whom I am obsessed.

I'm a writer first and foremost, though I do occasionally draw.
It's been a long time since I actually uploaded any stories, though I definitely intend to return to return to writing.

ATM I mostly upload screenshots of my creations in Minecraft to keep myself active on here, and will at some point be uploading a Minecraft Adventure map entitled "Westing"


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