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Now let's see what happened to Mabel and the Real Wendy

Wendy's POV

"Uuughhh my head" I looked around noticing I was in a tight spaced Closet looked to be the same one Mabel locked me and Dipper in before

Speaking of which... where is Mabel? I looked down at my feet and noticed her sleeping ... I guess that thing knocked us unconscious...

"Mabel wake up" I said shaking the girl "AAGH! what.. what happened? Where am I?" The Girl said looking around in a panic

"Mabel calm down we're just locked in a Closet" I said attempting to calm her "JUST LOCKED IN A CLOSET?!" OH MY GOSH WHAT DO WE DO?!"

I rolled my eyes for a minute then leaned down to her height "It's no problem Mabel I promise you we'll figure a way out of here"

"Oh yes don't worry you won't be in there much longer HAHAHAHAHA!" I heard my own voice yell from the other side

"WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO TO US?!" Mabel said Hyperventilating again

"Oh just what your Dear Old brother did to mine As soon as I figure out how to unfreeze him you'll take our place in the machine" It replied

"Hey Doofus pretty sure the button unfreeze it is on the other side" I explained to the creature

"Wendy what are you doing?! Mabel asked me

"Trust me kid" I replied with a smile

The creature then opened the closet

"NOW!" I yelled as we hit the creature in the face And ran for it

"WHAT?! HOW?! YOU SNEAK!" It yelled as it transformed into some sort of Enormous Creature made out of ...Gnomes? I don't even know

We ran for a ways breathing heavily until we found our way down three Tunnels My brain concocted an idea as I began to take off one of my boots

"Wendy what are you doing?" She asked me again

"Just a little trick your brother taught me I threw the boot down one tunnel making a large noise Hopefully it would fall for the same trick twice

We hid behind another tunnel as the creature followed the sound of the boot

"Phew!" Ok let's go!" Mabel said to me

Wait I replied "Mabel we have to split up"

"Wendy Are you crazy?!"

"Think about it if the monster finds us both then no one will be able to tell everyone what happened it'll just release it's brother and they'll take our place

But if at least one of us makes it out of here then we might be able to convince everyone of what happened"

"As usual you're right Wendy Stay safe! Mabel said as she ran down the Tunnel and I the other one

I just hope we both make it out of here...

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August 19, 2014
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